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Transfer your data

Gigabytes, terabytes, petabytes—research data is large and distributed. Globus lets you efficiently, securely, and reliably transfer data directly between systems separated by an office wall or an ocean. Focus on your research and offload your data transfer headaches to Globus.

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Share your data

Globus lets you share data on your storage systems with collaborators at other institutions. You specify what data. You specify which colleagues. Globus manages access simply and securely, so you can focus on your research.

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Unified data access

Access Any Storage

Get unified access to your research data, across all systems, using any existing identity. Laptop? HPC cluster? Cloud storage? Tape archive? Access them all using just a web browser. Data stored at a different institution? At a supercomputing facility? All you need is your campus login.

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Search & Discover Data

Store metadata with fine grained access control on creation, modification, and visibility, and metadata retrieval through search queries.

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Compute anywhere

Globus offers a distributed Function as a Service (FaaS) platform that enables reliable, scalable, and high performance remote function execution on any system, from a laptop to a supercomputer.

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Automate Your Research

Cope with the growing data volumes through Globus. Schedule routine data transfers off instruments, or leverage Globus Flows to automate single to multi-step processes at scale.

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Build research apps using Globus PaaS

Harness the power of the Globus platform with our REST APIs and Python SDK to create custom portals, science gateways and custom workflows.

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Control access to research resources

Leverage Globus Auth to broker authentication and authorization interactions. Eliminate the need for users to create new accounts or credentials when using distributed cyberinfrastructure.

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  • Bringing supercomputers and experiments together to accelerate discoveries

    January 30, 2024 | Jim Collins

    Argonne’s ongoing work has led to the creation of tools for managing computational workflows and the development of new capabilities for on-demand computing, giving the lab valuable experience to support the DOE IRI initiative. Globus and the ALCF Community Data Co-Op (ACDC) are critical resources in enabling the IRI vision. Globus is used to manage high-speed data transfers, computing workflows, data collection and other tasks for experiments.

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User Stories

  • UC San Diego logo


    Accelerating Research at UCSD with Globus

    Researchers are now able to reliably transfer and share large data sets, and even share protected data with ease. With the increase in Globus managed endpoints, researchers at UC San Diego can easily transfer and share data both internally and with researchers outside UC San Diego.

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    MB Transferred

    Fast, secure, reliable data-transfer 24/7