Data Sharing With Globus

Researchers can use Globus to share data with collaborators, partners and other stakeholders, directly from existing storage.

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Why Use Globus to Share Data?

As a researcher:

  • Share data with anyone in your institution, or in other institutions
  • No local access is required to share data with a collaborator
  • You no longer need to upload and move data to the cloud
  • Send an email to collaborators and let them know there is data they can retrieve

As an administrator:

  • Enable researchers to perform a number of data management tasks on a “self-serve” basis - There is no need to provision accounts
  • Monitor and revoke privileges, manage who can share what
  • Save money and improve security by avoiding duplication of your (potentially sensitive) data on cloud storage.
  • Audit activity through a management console and log files.

Data sharing is a premium feature available with a Globus Subscription.


Secure Data Sharing with Globus

Globus uses widely-adopted industry standards such as OAuth2 and OpenID Connect for authentication/authorization, and uses trusted protocols such GridFTP and HTTPS. Globus recognizes that administrators need to configure their systems for sharing in a secure manner, and provides the tools to easily do so.

Globus Groups: Share With One or Many

Globus lowers barriers to collaboration by letting users create and configure secure Globus groups. You can create a Globus group for your collaboration, use the group to control access to shared data, and update membership at any time.

Globus groups, like Globus accounts, are consistent across all systems connected to Globus. Globus supports subgroup hierarchies, group and member visibility policies, and customizable group admission and member verification workflows.

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