Globus for Amazon S3

Using Amazon S3 for cloud storage? Now you can make that storage available to your researchers via the tool they’re already familiar with.

Globus for Amazon S3

Globus for Amazon S3 provides an instant link from S3 to all your other storage locations. Simply log in and seamlessly move and share data stored in S3 across any storage resources using a unified, intuitive interface. All you need is access to a web browser to initiate data sharing and transfers with the reliability and performance Globus is known for.

Why Globus for Amazon S3?

  • Tap into more storage for researchers: What good is all that storage if your users can’t access it? With this connector, you can plug S3 into the established storage ecosystem and workflows your researchers already use.
  • Plug in other S3-compatible storage: With the S3 connector you may be able to add other S3-compatible storage systems as Globus endpoints
  • Make file sharing easy: Just click and share with any email address or identity, using a single tool across all your storage systems: campus clusters, XSEDE supercomputers, lab servers, scientific instruments, archival storage, public cloud storage—and now, Amazon S3.
  • Save time for both researchers and admins: Easily and securely move data to and from S3 with fast, reliable fire-and-forget transfer that supports even the largest data sets; share data instantly without having to add new user accounts on the system.

Key Features

  • Share data using any email address—no need to create or look up user accounts
  • Efficient 3rd party transfer—move and share files from any internet connection
  • Single, intuitive interface—use and manage S3 with the UI you already know Streamlined install/config—get up and running in minutes APIs for automation and integration—add S3 to your data portal, science gateway or other research applicatio

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