Globus for Spectra Logic

Plug Spectra Logic BlackPearl into your research storage ecosystem with the Globus for Specta BlackPearl connector

Globus for Spectra

Globus and Spectra BlackPearl combine to deliver affordable hybrid storage for research institutions. Users can easily connect and share their research, and archive their data on multiple storage domains.

Why Globus for Spectra BlackPearl?

  • Manage your research data with ease: Rapidly deploy Globus endpoints on tape or nearline disk systems with BlackPearl.
  • Simplify user access Implement institutional data access policies using Globus Group management and access control functions
  • Gain visibility into storage utilization: Use the Globus management console for real-time monitoring and usage reporting
  • Hybrid storage ecosystem: Delivers an affordable storage solution.

Key Features

  • End-to-end data management and archive solution
  • Use the familiar Globus web interface for data access on a Spectra BlackPearl Converged Storage System
  • Transfer files directly to and from tape via GridFTP
  • Reduce complexity associated with operating and managing disk and tape systems
  • Eliminates need for additional ISV expense for archiving data

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Globus for Spectra Logic Connector

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