News Archive, January 2019

News Archive

January 2019

  • Harnessing Protected Data in Research Collaborations with Globus

    January 08, 2019   |  Science Node

    Widely deployed platform now offers higher assurance levels for data containing PHI, PII, and CUI. For scientists who need to manage HIPAA-regulated data or other Protected Health Information (PHI), data management and movement can be a challenge. The difficulties of sharing protected data with collaborators often leads researchers to limit their studies by using highly distilled, de-identified data rather than dealing with compliance and security mandates.

  • XSEDE Web Single Sign On Service

    January 15, 2019

    Powered by Globus Auth, XSEDE's Web Single Sign-On (Web SSO) service provides a uniform, consistent, secure way to sign on to web applications using XSEDE user IDs. Science gateway and application developers can use XSEDE's Web SSO to enable users to sign-on (login) to an application using either campus or XSEDE credentials. This service is based on Globus Auth, an OpenID Connect/OAuth 2.0 service provided by Globus at the University of Chicago.

  • Call for Presentations: GlobusWorld 2019 in Chicago

    January 17, 2019   |  InsideHPC

    GlobusWorld 2019 has issued its Call for Presentations. The event takes place May 1-2 in Chicago. The event centers around Globus, a secure, reliable research data management service that enables researchers to move, share, publish & discover data via a single interface.