CI4CC Spring 2014 Symposium and Clinical Genomics Workshop

May 14, 2014 at 5:45 PM CDT
  • Napa, CA

We will be participating in the CI4CC Spring 2014 Symposium and Clinical Genomics Workshop. CI4CC (Cancer Informatics for Cancer Centers) is a nonprofit organization that provides a focused forum for cancer center academic informatics leaders nationally.

Ravi Madduri will chair a panel on the subject "Sustainability Models of Operations in Informatics."

Conference and Workshop Topics & Key Themes: 

  • State of the Art NCI focused Clinical Genomics and Cancer Omics Workshop: Personalized Cancer Genomics.
  • Research Data Warehousing and its impact on Knowledge Networks.
  • Evolution of Clinical Trials Management Systems & Data Interoperability with the Medical Record. Biospecimen Informatics.  Disruptive Healthcare Technologies, Clinical Informatics & Healthcare Information Exchange.  
  • Applied Natural Language Processing (NLP).  Imaging Informatics. Models of Cancer Center Informatics Core Facilities, Programs, and Sustainability in Academia.
  • NCI Designated Cancer Center Informatics Shared Resources Initiatives Kickoff.  
  • Consideration factors when Selecting Cancer Center and Enterprise wide Clinical and Biomedical Informatics Research Systems.